A closed CRM consultant

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Redk

Redk is a CRM consultancy that provides solutions to companies in the field of customer management and business transformation.

In its DNA: the technological base and added value of its business-oriented vision. All this without forgetting the ease of execution of the resources offered to the client.

From the beginning, in the development of the production approach of their corporate identity,  they opted for an absolute white as a guiding thread in the choice of their papers.

For the special finishings of their business card they chose a soft touch lamination, which conveyed the warmth and close treatment of their equipment, along with a 3D varnish that would enhance their brand.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 4/4

  • Heaven 42 400 g

  • Soft touch foil lamination
    3D Varnish