The printing process includes different techniques with their own particularities: offset, letterpress, digital printing, silk screen, thermography. Each involves a recommended print run, its own way of reproducing the colors or the visual effect that distinguishes it.
Knowing its possibilities will allow you to better plan your projects and evaluate the options according to the budget and the graphic impact sought.

Type of Printing

  • Impresión offset Minke


    the most faithful collaborator

    If you are looking for high quality printing, with good definition and a consistent colour the offset system is the answer.

    Offset printing
  • Impresión letterpress Minke


    the elegance of tradition

    The reinvention of letterpress in the 21st century is more than a system of printing, it refers to a very particular form of understanding design and its relation to the material that contains it.

    Letterpress printing
  • Catalogue in digital offset

    Digital printing

    versatility without limits

    Do you have specific needs in terms of time of delivery, number of copies or individualization of the product?

    Digital printing
  • Silkscreened business cards


    the affinity of elements

    Silkscreen is in. Its rise is due to professionals’ betting on less common materials in the graphics area that acquire a new aesthetic dimension thanks to it.

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  • Impresión termografía Minke


    the attraction from an unknown

    Is it possible to surprise the touch and sight through one single system?

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