Interior Design

Interior design is a creative discipline, increasingly on the rise, for the purpose of conditioning and decorating architectural spaces.

Interior designers from their creativity and imagination are able to adapt a space to the concrete needs of their users. They set up the experience of the livable space by means of the norms and the fundamental elements of the design, visual perception, aesthetics, functional techniques … Therefore in their work they integrate a wide range of disciplines between design, architecture and psychology in which, above all, they sculpt nuances of sensations.

Their projects for homes, offices, commercial places … seek to recreate atmospheres and the mark of a style of their own without giving up practicality.

The most usual attributes, in the development of corporate stationery and custom stationery, for interior design studios and interior designers are the distinction, the game of nuances and the strength of color.

This sector requires elements that are adaptable to formal situations such as events, meetings and presentation of projects alongside the more commercial circumstances of the day with suppliers and manufacturers.

Therefore, it is usual that they have identities with a strong sense of creativity both in design and in the deployment of techniques and graphic materials. Business cards with special papers related to materials or textures related to architecture and fabrics, envelopes with personality, presentation cards …

In Minke, we advise and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each interior design studio to enhance its brand image and transmit its communicative values through paper.