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  • Diario de a bordo and Memorable Raw Notebooks
  • Memorable Raw notebook with band
  • Cover Memorable with stamping Raw Notebooks
  • Cover Diario de a bordo with stamping Raw Notebooks
  • Detail interior text Raw Notebook
  • Bookmark Raw Notebooks

Diario de a bordo // Memorable



Set of 2 notebooks that are bold and very, very cheeky with a size of 8.5 x 14 cm. Bookbinding with saddle-stitch and rounded corners.

Additional information


Black printed on offset and shine black stamping on Kraft Liner 300 g.

Page of presentation

Flyleaf, which has a lot to say, printed in black on Pop Set Orange 120 g.


64 pages on extra ivory 90 g paper.


Each notebook has a peculiar marker on Pop Set Orange 240 g.

Idea and copys


Production concept

Minke and Atipo.

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