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Hot foil stamped business cards



Hot foil stamped business cards are the perfect complement to a brand image, personal or corporate, with the intention of making a difference.
In 5 easy steps you can create your own hot foil stamped cards with a selection of high-end creative papers and fashionable films.

Conq. Connoisseur Natural White 300 g / Satin Gold
Keaykolour Pastel Pink 300 g / Red
Pop’Set Black 400 g / Reflex
Crush Lavender r350 g / Holographic
Shiro Echo 100 % Rec. White 350 g / Matt silver
Crush Organic 350 g / Matt gold
Pop’Set Black 400 g / Warm gold gloss
Crush Ecological Cherry 250 g / Red
Inuit Natural Extra White 400 g / White
Keaykolour Indian Yellow 300 g / Lime green
Pop’Set Black 400 g / Black
Shiro Echo 100 % Rec. White 350 g / Silver matt
Pop’Set Ultra Red 320 g / Black
Crush Lavender 350 g / Gloss gold
Keaykolour Indian Yellow 300 g / Copper
Pop’Set Grey 320 g / Gloss black
Pop’Set Ultra Red 320 g / Warm gold gloss

Additional information

Choose card model

In the case of choosing 2 different models, the final amount is divided in two.

Select the number of units

If the data is not going to change shortly, we recommend that you think about a medium/long term consumption.

Choose the type of paper

Premium quality and heavy weight range of creative papers.

Decide the color

A repertoire of foils in a gloss and matt finish with both classic and fashionable inspiration.

Sending files

The files received are reviewed and a confirmation email is sent to the customer. Production times range from 8 to 10 business days.

  • File: File in .pdf
  • Maximum format: 8,5 cm x 5,5 cm (minimum 4 cm x 4 cm)
  • Text size: Minimum text size 6 points (depending on the typeface)
  • Line thickness: Lines of minimum 0,13 mm (0,36 point thick)
  • Bleed: 5 mm bleed if needed
  • Crop marks: Visible crop marks
  • Color: 100 % black file 

(Max file size 10 MB)