Special Production

If what you have in mind is outside the norms of size, form or material, don’t even think about giving up on it. Packagings, lined envelopes, bags … they can be done with a special production made for you.

Type of Special Production

  • Fabricaciones especiales sobres Minke


    Flaps that break established geometries, uncommon formats,
    never-seen-before paper combinations …  Ask and you will surprise.

  • Fabricaciones especiales bolsas Minke


    Bags are the symbol of identity of many different types of services that at the same time try to stand out from the competition.
    Elegant, practical, ingenious, creative … They embellish the content of their interior, dress up and best of all, you can save them for next time.

  • Fabricaciones especiales packaging Papeles de cine de Minke


    The packaging is a wake-up call and an effective point of contact with customer.

    Good packaging is an element that makes memorable a branding. If it has an attractive design and a thought graphic production, it will become a valuable gateway to the world of the brand and its products or services.