The packaging of a product is able to determine much of its success. Its design and production approach are fundamental.

Type of project:


Design by:Fauna

Turris’ marketing department needed to develop a case to send its products to media and influencers in different times.

They were looking for a simple assembly with very natural materials that fit well with their philosophy of simplicity and craftsmanship far from artifice.

With these premises we worked on models with Fauna, studio responsible for the project, and we valued materials and their different resistances.

Finally appeared this box, with a timeless design and finish, that along with Turris’ products form a delicious team.


Project details


  • Offset 1/0

  • Recycled cardboard Triplex White Reverse White 350 g

  • Die-cut

  • In order to obtain a more natural finish, Fauna studio decided to print on the side of the treated paperboard and to leave the coated part inside.