Enero Architecture

The corporate identity of Enero Architecture is better understood if we stop to know its work philosophy.

Type of project:




Design by:Virgen Extra

Enero is characterized by covering all areas in the architectural process and being present in the entire value chain of any project. Provide comprehensive support to its clients, from the particular needs, the options of location and the requirements that emerge from the project.

Hospitals stand out among their projects. Enero integrates them with the natural environment, they are planned to favor social relationships with a healthy architecture and took full advantage of natural light. Not forgetting the recycling of materials from earthworks and reforestation with native species. These hospitals are designed with a functional approach whose distances are calculated on a human scale to reduce the transit time inside.

Enero also stands out in the restoration of palaces with processes aimed at the recovery of materials and volumes with the comfort standards of today’s society in mind. In order to consolidate its commitment to the memory of these spaces, traditional construction techniques and artisans (stonemasons, carpenters, and limestone) are used.

With these premises, the study Virgen Extra developed a timeless identity that continues to maintain its freshness and values of commitment to nature. For this, they chose 100% recycled Keaykolour Camel paper for its sustainable technical references and tone. Accompanied by a silkscreen or digital white print, depending on the quantities, and the corporate pantone in offset or converted to four-color process for digital.

Despite the variations in the type of printing, adequate according to the demand of professionals who join the company, respect for the guidelines established in design and production with the quality of graphic techniques, has achieved a faithful brand image, consistent in its evolution.

The identity consists of personalized business cards with one of the corporate leves, file folders, notebooks and stickers for envelopes and personalization of documents.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 2/1
    Digital 4/1

  • Keaykolour Camel 300 g


  • Offset 1/0
    Silkscreen 1/0

  • Keaykolour Camel 300 g

  • Cleft


  • Digital 2/0
    Digital 1/0 (interior page)

  • Keaykolour Camel 300 g
    Superior offset 90 g

  • White spiral

  • Rounded corners