EDM Arquitectura

Revive the buildings wounded by the trace of time

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Design by:EDM Arquitectura

EDM Arquitectura is an architectural firm specialized in historical restoration. Their projects include palaces, villas and large houses with partial reforms or complete rehabilitations. The use is for hotels and homes, single and multi-family, in addition to vacation homes.

The representative buildings of their work, which appear in the printed catalog, are distributed throughout Spain in Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country, Madrid and the Balearic Islands.

At EDM they took charge of creating their corporate identity themselves. To dress their pieces they were inspired by catalogs and materials from specialized suppliers and leading brands in the sector.

For their business cards and envelopes they opted for the creative Colorplan Mist paper printed in offset. For their catalog they chose a dark green from Gmund, Gmund Matt 88, accompanied by stamping for the cover and digital printing in white for the first diptychs of the volume dedicated to a brief presentation and the index. The interior stands out for the images of the buildings and the textures of the materials that decorate the rooms. Due to the quantity requested, we opted for a quality digital offset printing to guarantee the faithful reproduction of them.

The booklets that make up the catalog were machine sewn to provide better opening and strength. So we can talk about a paperback or softcover oversewn binding.

Project details

Business card

  • Offset 2/2

  • Colorplan Mist 350 g


  • Offset 2/0

  • Colorplan Mist 135 g


  • Digital Offset 4/4
    Digital 1/1 (white)

  • Gmund Matt 88 350 g
    Gmund Matt 88 120 g
    Superior Offset 170 g

  • Stamping 1/0 (matt silver)

  • Softcover overswen