Artisan Bookbinding

Ideal for exquisite tastes, artisan bookbinding is the major example of the individualization and exclusivity of a project. Its own nature and process of elaboration recommend it for limited editions.

Types of Artisan Bookbinding

  • Encuadernación artesanal belga Minke

    Criss cross binding

    Contemporary method of bookbinding that stands out for its way of binding the covers with the spine through non-adhesive binding that is the basis for booklet binding. It is distinguished for its resistance and allowing the book to be opened totally flat.

  • Encuadernación artesanal holandesa Minke

    Quarter binding

    This form of bookbinding is distinguished for covering the different materials that combine the spine (tradition dictates leather but nowadays it is common to use cloth) and the covers (paper or cloth).

    It consists of three types: quarter binding (only the spine), quarter binding with stitching (the spine and the corners of the covers) y quarter binding with lining (the spine and a continuous lining that covers both ends.)

  • Encuadernación artesanal con cintas Minke

    Thread bookbinding

    Type of bookbinding that can be done with conventional as well as threaded sewing. It allows a very good opening of the books and an attractive visual that integrates the spine and the covers.

  • Encuadernación artesanal japonesa Minke

    Japanese bookbinding

    Type of artisanal bookbinding in which the covers and the pages are sewn. There are numerous sewings that reproduce different drawings: yotsume toji, the simplest; hemp sheet, kangxi… in addition to the classic account book.

  • Encuadernación artesanal copta Minke

    Coptic binding

    Type of bookbinding of open spine originating of the Coptic people, ancient inhabitants of Egypt, distinguished for its chain stitch.

  • Encuadernación artesanal long stich Minke

    Open spine Long Stitch

    Among the different types of open spine, long stitch stands out for using booklet sewing to the cover with infinite possibilities with respect to size of the sewing, the colours of the thread…

  • Encuadernación artesanal con tornillos Minke

    Screw posts

    When you are looking for a dynamic solution that allows changing the content of the book, dossier, portfolio… screw posts are an accessible and aesthetic answer. They can be gilded or silver.