Alberto and Bárbara (or vice versa): a wedding of Pura Vida

One morning we received the phone call of Virgen Extra, usual accomplice of Minke, to give us a joy: "Barbara marries, so let's go with the invitations.".

Type of project:

Wedding invitations

Design by:Bárbara Benítez y Virgen Extra

Through thick and thin, or in other words, despite the impossible times of her clients and the day-to-day difficulties, Barbara, always jovial and smiling, was preparing her wedding, hence her wedding invitations, with the detail and care that characterizes her work.

So happy to see her so happy and excited, we were ready to get down to the project.

The wedding invitation, with a simple design, only required an optimal offset printing on a paper Virgen Extra likes a lot: Curious Skin Stone.

An approach that did not require more praise, the text of the wedding invitation explains for itself such a special marriage:

Imperative. Punctual. Predestined. Exact. Immovable. By the mountain.
At sea. Boiled. With clear sky and perfect future forecast.
With 1.000 friends. With tapas and beer. In the bed. In a hotel called Mundo.
By bike. On motorcycle. Unstoppable. On holidays, weekdays and weekends.
Under roof. Fireproof. With pink helmet. With leather jacket. Treble clef

and to the rhythm of all the songs of the world. Incandescent. Coke color eyes.
Imperturbable embrace. No kiss until the third date. With uniform.

A book in hand. Heels in the other. With Sansa in between.
Inseparable. Pure Life. And anecdotes everywhere.
Alberto and Barbara.
And vice versa.
And with you as a guest.

Project details

Wedding invitation

  • Offset 1/5

  • Curious Skin Stone 270 g

  • Cleft

  • The bride and groom took care of the manipulation with the wax seal and the ribbon.