Mailing for the campaign Papers for Characters

Whimsical collection of 6 pieces with no identification, no more than different adjectives for each (electrical, metallic, exotic ...; floaty, dreamy, melancholy ... )and these evocative words inside:

Type of project:


Design by:Atipo

Speechless … each paper expresses, communicates, transmits, talks; it tells stories. Paper is much more than a support, it is a world of senses for feelings: texture, color, smell …

Project details


  • Offset 1/1

  • Curious Matter Black Truffle 380 g

  • Twist Yellow (cheerful, youthful, impetuous …)

  • Reaction Purple Rain Red (hypnotic, chameleon, magnetic …)

  • Curious Cosmic Alien Green (electrical, metallic, exotic …)

  • Shade Polished Mirror (floaty, dreamy, melancholy …)

  • Kaschmir True Red Cloth (vehement, sensual, passionate …)

  • Gmund 3 Glossy High White (delicate, exquisite, refined …)

  • Die cutting

  • Handling