Minke: the business card with multiple personality

We can’t think better way to inaugurate this section “Projects” than to do with our own business card.

Type of project:

Business cards

Design by:Atipo

Its story begins when Atipo, breaking convention, after the presentation of our corporate identity, presented the models of the base part that gave meaning to the rest of the minke’s stationery.

They reversed the order of importance of the elements and endowed this card holder an important role concentrating in itself the company´s business card.

In this context inside card becomes a secondary but transformative element that looks through minke’s imagotype.

The only guideline for containing it is our claim “Good morning paper”, apart from it diversity involves the range of papers, textures and colors that we can take advantage of leftovers, paper waste, etc. This fact is strongly recommended, making each set a personal and almost exclusive piece.

Project details


  • Offset 0/1

  • Deep black

  • New Grey Cotton 300 g

  • Laser cut

  • Handling: to paste and to assemble

Interior card

  • Different papers between 240-300g from the collections: Rotoform Pop Set Sirio Color

  • White stamping 1/0

  • Blind emboss

  • These are the papers and finishings chosen in the first instance. The good thing is that each production is renewable gaining new life. The possibilities are endless.