Aitor y Nerea: a “chic” wedding

Wedding invitations are inherently sensitive projects. When there is a bond of friendship since childhood, as in the case of La caja de tipos, multiply commitment and desire to please.

Type of project:

Wedding invitations

Design by:La caja de tipos

For the concept of this wedding invitations designers brought and context of the wedding (an informal party at the same time elegant) we choose as production approach simplicity and subtlety of cottony paper with the touch of sophistication that gives the duplexing with red.

These contrasts of strength and subtlety also in its design with the color combination, in terms of printing and finishing, resulted in emboss and letterpress.

Project details

Wedding invitation

  • Letterpress

  • Conqueror Connoisseur 300 g

  • Pop Set Rojo 240 g

  • Emboss

  • Duplex